UK: Sherry / Whisky Trifle (en inglés)

We cannot have a Christmas recipes special without the British Whisky Triffle or Sherry, can we? This one has been written and sent by Celia Margaret Wallhead, professor of the Department of English and German, and she told us she really likes this recipe… Do you want to know how to cook it? Keep reading!



  1. ½ cup sherry or whisky (or more!).
  2. 6 sponge fingers (or 3 madeleine buns).
  3. 2 bananas.
  4. 1 can tinned mixed fruit.
  5. 1 packet jelly (pineapple or raspberry).
  6. 1 packet custard.
  7. 3 cups milk.
  8. 2 cups thick/whipped cream.
  9. ½ dozen blanched almonds.


  1. Place the sponge fingers or pieces of broken madeleine in the bottom of a wide-based dish, preferably glass, and pour the sherry or whisky over them.
  2. Drain the fruit, keeping the juice separate and taking out the cherries for decoration, then place the fruit in a layer on top of the sponge.
  3. Make the jelly, using only half the amount of water and thenadd the fruit juice.
  4. When it is cooler, pour the jelly over the fruit and allow to go cold.
  5. Meanwhile, mash the two bananas and make the custard, adding less milk so that it is thick.
  6. Spread the banana over the jelly once it is set and when the custard is cooler, pour it over the banana.
  7. Whip the cream (do not use “cream” from an aerosol) and make a layer at the top.
  8. Decorate with the almonds and cherries.


Author: Celia Margaret Wallhead Salway

Editor and image: E.R.S.


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