Erasmus Experience: Bangor Gwynedd (Wales)

whatsappimage2019-01-31at11.32.44I’m writing from Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales, where I’m lucky enough to be enjoying the first part of my Erasmus experience.

The first thing that came to my mind when I got this destination was “where is Bangor?” as you are probably thinking right now, well… Bangor is next to Snowdonia in North Wales and is a beautiful place full of mountains, and nature, and it even has its own “beach”. I thought that if I was going to do my Eerasmus stay there, I would have live in a residence, or Hall as they call it, and so I did some research to try and find one. Unfortunately, it was very expensive and so I started looking for  a room in a shared flat nearby the university or the city center through an app called “Spare Room”, and this is how I found my place; a cute room cheap and well situated.

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My Inspiration is Lynette Roberts

Lynette Roberts nació en Buenos Aires, después de que su madre muriese, ella y su hermana se mudaron a Inglaterra. Estudió en la Central School of Art and Design, trabajó como florista con una amiga, estuvo entre Portugal e Inglaterra trabajando su poesía, hasta que conoció al que sería su marido, Keidrych Rhys uno de los editores de la revista WALES, los dos se mudaron a Llanybri y desde allí Roberts escribió casi toda su obra.

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Fireworks in London

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Traditions

Hello everyone! Today is New Year’s Eve and the year 2017 is just about to begin! I am sure most of you will follow various Spanish traditions tonight, but… Aren’t you curious about how people celebrate these special days in Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland or Germany, for instance? We looked for information and asked some abroad students too, who told us about the most unique traditions … Continue reading New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Traditions